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Ballarini Parma 11" Nonstick Grill Pan

Ballarini Parma 11" Nonstick Grill Pan

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Grilling is a summer staple, but whether it be weather or living on the second floor of an apartment complex, or traveling and staying in a hotel room, sometimes it’s not an option. This makes grilling pans a key piece of your kitchen arsenal, and the 11” Grill Pan by Ballarini Parma is a gem amongst its peers.

Designed and crafted in Italy, this grill pan was made with intention, its exterior a beautiful grey, and its interior made with specialized coating to facilitate quick, even heating.The Ballarini Parma Grill Pan is made from cold-forged aluminum, making it light-weight, so no strain on your hands or arms, and its nonstick interior is made from Granitium coating, requires less oils and butter to brown your foods. As an added bonus, the Granitium coating is scratch resistant, metal and fork safe, so it is built to withstand the test of many meals.

The 11” Grill Pan was designed with thermopoint technology that gives precision temperature control and the heat-sensitive handle turns red when hot and blue when cool. This lets you know when your pan is ready to cook and when it’s cooled enough that you can begin cleaning it without damaging it. This hand-wash only pan’s nonstick interior makes it a breeze to clea and very low maintenance. 

All in all, this 11” Grill Pan by Ballarini Parma is designed to help you grill in the comfort of your kitchen with less effort than ever before, so grab one today and make your next set of burgers on the superbly designed pan, no matter where you are!

Ballarini Parma 11" Nonstick Grill Pan Features:

  • Speckled Granitium nonstick coating releases heat for easier cooking
  • The triple layer interior coating is  nonstick, and heats quickly and evenly
  • Granitium nonstick coating is reinforced with ceramic particles, making the coating fork proof, metal safe, and scratch resistant
  • Thermopoint technology allows for temperature control and reduces overheating and damage
  • Nonstick surface is easy to clean 
  • Heat sensitive handle turns red when the pan is hot and blue when the pan is cool
  • Ideal for various cooktops: electric, gas, and more
  • Made from pure, cold forged aluminum
  • Energy efficient and light-weight for easy use
  • Stay-cool ergonomic handle is comfortable and allows for maximum control
  • Made in Italy
  • Item #: 75001-646

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