A Bum Babe

A Bums Babe is that beautiful, busy, super woman
inside of us all. She spends all of her time giving
to her family, friends, community and she
wants to look effortlessly stylish while doing it.
She works hard every single day! She has little time
for herself and doesn’t want to spend what time she
does have thinking about her wardrobe.
A Bums Babe occasionally battles her insecurities,
but she will face them and tell herself NO.
She will surround herself with other babes that will
build her up and not the opposite.
She knows her worth and will not forget it!
A Bums Babe stands by other women
and supports them.  She knows and understands
the frustrations and failings we all face as women,
so she is determined to boost and encourage
the babes surrounding her.
Bums Babes always stand by each other!
Feel it! Say it! Believe it!
I am a Bums Babe!

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