Glow On! Meet Your New Favorite Self Tanner 🌞

Glow On! Meet Your New Favorite Self Tanner 🌞

Hey radiant friends! 🌟 Big news – the most awesome self tanner just landed, and it's here to give you that perfect glow. Plus, guess what? Every order comes with a FREE mitt to make putting it on super easy!


Here's the cool stuff you need to know about it:


🌱 Vegan friendly

🐰 Cruelty-free

🍞 Gluten-free

πŸ•ŠοΈ Paraffin-free

🚫 Silicone-free

🌊 Sulfate-free

❌ Paraben-free


And it's packed with good stuff for your skin, like sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter, and rose hip oil. It's like a vitamin boost for your skin! 🌰


No streaks, no orange, and definitely no weird residue – just the ultimate tan that lasts up to 2 weeks if you prep your skin right. And guess what? It works for everyone, from the palest to the deepest skin tones. 😊


Oh, and it smells really good! 🌸 Plus, it's made in the USA.


Ready for that perfect glow? Follow these simple steps:


1. Scrub-a-dub! Exfoliate your skin with a washcloth, especially around elbows, feet, and ankles.

2. Dry off completely.

3. Apply the foam in sections – legs, trunk, chest, arms – using circular motions.

4. Blend at wrists and ankles. Use excess on the mitt for these areas.

5. Dilute over joints, hands, and feet using the mitt's excess.

6. Let your skin dry completely, and wear dark, loose clothing.

7. Shower 4-6 hours after applying, just a rinse, no scrubbing.

8. Keep that glow going – apply sunscreen or moisturizer every day! 🧴


Ready to shine? Order now, and your perfect glow will be on its way from Canton, OK, in just 1-2 business days! πŸ“¦βœ¨Β Come see us in store too! 120 W Main Canton, OK 73724. We have a beautiful 4000 sq ft gift store where you can find something for everyone! Women’s clothing, jewelry, accessories, men gifts, baby and kid items, garden decor, kitchen gadgets, Swig Retailer, and so much more!Β 

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