How our flower pot became a truck...

We get a lot of questions about this creation.  It was our trough that we had our summer flowers in and we turned it into our pumpkin hauling truck for fall.  We took 5 square bales of hay and stacked them at the front.  4 of them going the same direction extending off the front of the trough.  We took the 5th one and stacked it the opposite direction in order to create the "cab".  We purchased 3 cookie sheets (for the windows), 2 large stainless steel dog bowls (for the headlights), 2 small stainless steel dog bowls (for the taillights), 2 pizza pans (for the wheels).  These items were all purchased for $1 each.  We dug a long board out of some scrap wood we had in order to give it the appearance of being off the ground a little bit.  I dug through my craft supplies and pulled out some acrylic paint for the wheels and tail lights (red).  We drilled holes in the pans and wired them to the hay and bolted "tires" to board.  Filled the back up with pumpkins and fall decorations we had around and here it is!  Sorry for the simplicity of the instructions...I kind of made them up as I went.  Feel free to ask questions if it doesn't make sense. :)

<3 Jenny



Large trough

5 square bales

Long board

3 cookie sheets

2 large stainless steel dog bowls

2 small stainless steel dog bowls

2 pizza pans  


Drill bit


2 bolts

Hay Pumpkin Truck



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