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My Bedtime Story

My Bedtime Story

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Perfect for bedtime reading and routines, My Bedtime Story Bible for Little Ones presents eight simple Bible stories in soothing text that will relax your child, each paired with a short “Tuck in” prayer suggestion tailored for small children, so they always end their day with God.

In this padded board book from Jean Syswerda, with beautiful illustrations by Daniel Howarth, favorite Bible characters from Adam and Eve to Noah, David, Daniel, Mary and Joseph, and Jesus prepare to go to sleep, each with the comfort God is looking over them as they rest. And with each biblical story, your child will learn about God’s faithfulness and love in their own lives as they prepare for peaceful slumber.

My Bedtime Story Bible for Little Ones:

  • is a perfect bedtime book for small children
  • has text and illustrations that are peaceful and calming
  • provides short, child-friendly thinking points and prayer ideas at the end of each story
  • is the perfect size for children’s hands and reading time in bed, with soft, rounded corners and cover that make the book cozy to hold as well

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