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Odii Pick-Up Pro

Odii Pick-Up Pro

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Easily get to those hard-to-reach objects in your car or at home with the ODii Ultimate Grab-It Gadget. Featuring a 3-in-1 design, this must-have tool features a detachable LED light, magnet, and flexible, telescopic 4-prong claw with 19 inches of reach that can pick up objects up to 10 LBS.

  • Flexible, telescopic 4-pronged claw
  • Flexible, telescopic, and detachable magnet
  • Detachable LED light
  • Easy grip trigger allows you to open and close the claw to maneuver it into the tightest spots
  • Measures 19" L x 2" W
  • Grab & Hold Items Up To 10 Pounds! – ODii is the only claw in the world that lets YOU control the grip strength (instead of a flimsy spring) – allowing you to easily pick up almost any out of reach item (heavy or light).
  • Fits Into Really Tight Spaces – The patented "flexible claw" is 19 inches long and easily bends around any corner. Anywhere your hands cannot go, ODii easily makes its way.
  • Powerful (And Detachable) 23-inch Magnet – ODii’s unique flexible goose-neck magnet attachment (included) will immediately attract and stick loose metal items to it (holds up to 2 pounds!). Whether it’s your keys, phone, loose change and more – you can now easily grab them in seconds.
  • Ultra-Bright Flashlight – Easily see into any dark or small space (e.g. under the stove, refrigerator and more!) for incredibly precise "reach and grab" accuracy.
  • Shrinks Down For Easy Storage – Fits perfectly in kitchen drawers, glove compartments, and tool boxes.
  • Perfect For Every Car – Constantly drop items between your car seat & console? With ODii, you can easily and quickly retrieve credit cards, kids toys, food, coins and more! Easily stores in glove compartment.
  • Perfect For Every Home – Need something from a high-up cabinet? An item from under the couch, bed or behind a heavy appliance? With ODii, you'll have it in your hands in seconds.

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